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BBQ Demonstration at Forge Restaurant 2016 Review

Have you ever dreamed of inviting friends and family over so that you could cook the perfect BBQ for them, only to wake up to the reality of cremated sausages and scorched burgers that even the dog says no to, well that dream of entertaining friends and family to the perfect BBQ may not be such a pipe-dream after all?


Chef Pauric White


BBQ Demonstration

On Wednesday 8th June 2016 my partner and I attended an open air BBQ demonstration at The Forge Restaurant, Pauric and Irene White had the stage set for what would prove to be a play in one act of Chef Mastery in BBQ preparation, cooking, presentation and serving. The warm evening air was quickly filled with the aroma of prime pork ribs that sizzled on the BBQ as the taste buds yearned for the BBQ sauce and secret ingredients that were being whisked into a frenzy by Chef Pauric and would glazingly encase the prime locally sourced pork ribs. Let’s be honest, if we had been on The Titanic, and these sizzling ribs and their BBQ sauce were in the life-boats, there is a real possibility that it could have been a case of every man for himself.

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BBQ ingredients

Chef Pauric not only prepared his sauces and dressings, but he explained them in every detail, not only did Chef Pauric explain the origin of all meats and ingredients but he explained the value of using locally sourced meats and ingredients, how the richness of our agricultural produce in The Royal County adds its own unique flavors to correctly prepared dishes, however, Chef Pauric is also quick to point to other quality producers in other parts of the country such as our heroic fishermen in Donegal whose fresh catch also makes its way onto The Menu at The Forge Restaurant.

Forge Restaurant BBQ

So there we were, prime pork ribs glazed in homemade BBQ sauce sizzling nicely in the background and we moved on to the next 8 scenes in this cook-fest, which read as follows and in no particular order:

Cajun Style Chicken

Garlic, Lemon and Chilli Chicken or BBQ whole chicken

Sea-food Parcel with Garlic and Lemon

Whole Bream

Avocado Salsa

Tomato Salsa

Homemade Beef Burgers

Prawn Kebab

BBQ Menu

You may say that looks like a fairly simple menu, and I would agree, however, to witness first-hand this menu cooked by a professional Chef, and to smell and taste the quality of ingredients is not something you will learn from a cook book or watching the Hairy Bikers, this is real cooking, real quality and a real value for money experience. You must savor the flavor, you must experience the decadence of this locally sourced cuisine, fresh food and ingredients that are full of flavour and prepared by a professional Chef.

BBQ Marinade

Chef Pauric freshly prepares the marinade for the Cajun Style Chicken, yet he high-lights sign-posts along the way that will leave you in pole position when you take up the tongs at your next BBQ gathering, Chef Pauric tells us that marinade should be a paste like consistency, that the marinade should be prepared the day before and that the marinade can also be applied to fresh fish dishes. If you leave a marinated dish in the fridge you should take it out two hours before cooking. Chef Pauric explains the healthy benefits of using certain locally grown oil types such as Rapeseed Oil and such oils contain Omega.

BBQ Cooking Temperatures

Most interesting for myself and my partner would be the introduction by Chef Pauric of the Temperature Gage, so we discover that when meats reach a certain temperature they are actually cooked to a safe and recognised standard, and do not therefore need to be cremated to prove that they are cooked beyond a reasonable doubt. That is right folks, the Temperature Gage when used correctly will tell you that your food is cooked to the required standard and can be moved to the back burner or Bain-marie to allow for the next meat dish to be cooked, for further information on using the Temperature Gage for perfect cooking or if you would like to buy a professional Temperature Gage or Bain-marie do not hesitate to give Pauric a call.

BBQ Dressing Recipe

Chef Pauric breaks from the sizzling BBQ to whisk up another favorite dressing, stop the lights now, Champagne Vinegar and Truffle Oil, what? Yes, folks Champagne Vinegar and Truffle Oil, the smell, the aroma from the mixing bowl as Pauric gets up close and personal with the audience is simply mouth-watering fresh. For Chicken, wait for it, yes, blend down some fresh raspberries and whisk up a tongue tingling delight.

BBQ Seafood Parcels

Sea-food Parcel with Garlic and Lemon, this simple dish, would really test my Titanic theory above, sweet God, selection of fresh sea food, garlic butter, white wine (optional), lemon juice, salt and pepper, my mouth is watering simply remembering the aroma and texture of this simple, yet, exotic dish. Monk fish, Prawns, Cod, Salmon whatever you like, drop it all in, wrap in tin foil parcels and cook for 20 mins, butter melts, flavors explode. Always remember to check Core-Temperature.

BBQ Fish Dish

Whole Bream, Chef Pauric explains is only seasonal in Ireland when certain Gulf Streams move along parts of our coast line, Chef Pauric massages oil into the Bream, tucks a Bay Leaf inside and drops it onto the BBQ, head is left on for moisture. Chef Pauirc takes Time now to explain how to produce your own home grown dried tomatoes, and as expected a few of these delights can also go into the Bream. Knob of butter at the end of the 12-15 minutes cooking process, allow to melt over the Bream, seriously, at this point of the evening, one is simply overcome with the creative and informative nature of this BBQ extravaganza.

BBQ Salsa and Creole Sauce

Another dressing, simple, easy, Olive Oil and lemon, whisked to a paste like consistency, the smell and texture create a wholesome freshness that tickles the senses.

Avocado Salsa and Tomato Salsas may be simple, yet they add taste and flavour that can infuse the meat dishes and complement any service.

Chef Pauric prepares the Creole sauce to dress the fresh BBQ beef burgers, as the creole sauce simmers on the hob of the BBQ, many in the audience appear to have moved forward in their seats in anticipation of the burgers and Creole sauce meeting as one, however, when Chef Pauric introduces 2 Portobello Mushrooms as surrogates for flowery baps and then consumes to taste, the life-boats look in serious danger of being flooded.

BBQ Prawn Kebabs

The final dish to touch down on the simmering BBQ at The Forge Restaurant BBQ Demonstration is the Prawn Kebabs, Fresh Prawns, Onions, Peppers, Courgettes, Lemon and Garlic Butter for sauce, I do believe at this point that our taste buds have witnessed the drawing back of the curtains on a stage of cuisine delights with small excursions into the dressing rooms of the main meat actors. The MC (Master Chef) for the night has made this an interesting, informative and life-enhancing event.

The Closing Curtain

The audience begin to shuffle in their seats, “Did he say Ladies First”, “Yes, I Think he did”, female smiles, male politeness and the plates begin to fill, can we make it to the table before the beef burgers and their Creole sauce evaporate, will a Sea-food parcel remain unwrapped, will those short belly ribs make it to my plate, at the end of service, every plate is filled and silence falls upon a people deep in appreciation of great food, world class cooking and a Chef who is not afraid to part with his tacit and explicit knowledge of all things BBQ.

BBQ Demonstrations

If you are looking for some great barbecue hints and tips this year, then go along to the next Forge Restaurant BBQ Demonstration. Learn how to turn your average summer barbecue into something your guests will never forget and enjoy some tasty dishes! The Forge Restaurant and in particular the professionalism of Pauric and Irene prove that when you build your reputation on locally sourced quality ingredients people will come from near and far to support your business.

Call Irene or Pauric on 0469245003/0879060569 for details of next BBQ Demonstration or any other dining query.

Explained: Rapeseed oil, sometimes called vegetable or canola oil. It comes from the black seeds of the rapeseed plant, Brassica napus, from the same Brassica family as the health enhancing vegetables broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. The plant produces sunny, yellow flowers around springtime, so look out for golden fields brightening our beautiful landscapes in Meath during these months.

Rapeseed oil has in the past been in the shadow of its better known Mediterranean counterparts, olive and sunflower oil, however, celeb chefs, foodies and nutritionists alike are now recognising and celebrating its culinary and nutritional properties.

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