Loughcrew Upcycling

Loughcrew Upcycling

Loughcrew Upcycling is based outside Kells in County Meath and the best means of contacting Loughcrew Upcycling is info@oldcastlemeath.com as the owner of Loughcrew Upcycling is usually on the road sourcing materials or working with machinery in the Upcycling process, all e-mails will be answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.

Upcycling also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Loughcrew Upcycling will present a wide range of products from upcycled restored household and garden items to hand crafted arts and crafts.

Prices will be varied depending on the cost of the item/materials to source, time and labour, all prices will be displayed on various sites and if you are interested in any item simply send an e-mail and that e-mail be be answered usually within 24 hours.

Vintage Tayto Crisp Poster

This is one of two vintage Tayto posters that are very rare and were discovered in an attic during  a house clearance, the posters were simply cleaned and dusted and were sold for 100 Euro the pair.

Loughcrew Upcycling


Humber Cycle 1935-1950

This Humber Cycle was initially going to be upcycled for an outside flower display as you often see outside pubs and restaurants, however, after doing a great deal of cleaning I discovered that the majority of its parts were in fairly good shape and so I have restored the Humber Cycle to a good standard. Much of the Chrome work on the rims, handlebars, brakes was compromised beyond repair and so I have spray painted these parts. The Humber Cycle is fully functional and has the original Michelin tyres which are no longer manufactured. if you wanted to purchase this Humber Cycle with the intention of riding it you would have to replace the rims, inner tubes and tyres for safety. The dynamo and lights are original but not wired, all the parts are on the Humber. The saddle is original leather with trademark, however, there is a tear in the saddle if you wished to use the Humber Cycle to ride you would need to have this repaired.

Humber Cycle uses

I think this restored/upcycled Humber Cycle would suit an upmarket bar, restaurant, winery as a mounted wall feature or an advertisement platform in a shopping centre or window display, I think it is too good to place outside exposed to the weather. PRICE 180.00 Euro. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew UpcyclingHumber Cycle Restored

Unique Card Table

This is a unique card table for poker, bridge, 45 and so much more. The table is of hexagonal form and made from sold wood that has been sanded down to its original wood grain and varnished, a nice piece of wood. There are four permanently fixed vintage style plates of various interest. The base is the cast-iron base of an antique Singer Sewing Machine, the table top is secured with four strong nuts and bolts and can therefore be dismantled for transportation, the two small wheels on the Swinger table work for easy in-house movement. This card table would make an interesting talking point in a house or apartment, or it could be purchased for a bar or restaurant. PRICE 249.00 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew UpcyclingLoughcrew Upcycling

Study Desk

This is an upcycled study desk made from solid wood and will last for many years if cared for, the pink top and drawer fronts make it an ideal study desk for a female student, the drawers have been inlaid with red felt and the knobs are fashionable in metal detail and surrounded by flowerily motif. The top and drawers give the desk a personal feel and the inlaid felt drawers allow for the safe keeping of iPhones and other personal items. PRICE 149.00 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew UpcyclingLoughcrew Upcycling

Child’s Chair or Ornamental Chair

This Child’s Chair or Ornamental Chair is upcycled, all of the joints have been cleaned and reset and some of the original wood has been replaced, a Celtic Design has been stenciled onto the seat of the chair so that it may also be used as a decorative piece in the right setting. PRICE 25.00 Euro. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew Upcycling

Coffee Table

This is an upcycled coffee table which has had its drawer inlaid with red felt, has been sanded and varnished. There is a motif that says Love is… This is a nice table that would fit nicely into an apartment or a side-table in a house with modern detail. PRICE 49.00 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew Upcycling

Wine Rack and Candle Holder

This is an upcycled Wine Rack and Candle Holder of metal form, they may be purchased together or separately. Colour gold. Wine Rack PRICE 35 Euros and Candle Holder PRICE 15 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew Upcycled

Magazine Rack

Upcycled Magazine Rack of wooden form, solid piece painted bright green to add a bit of colour to your bathroom, kitchen or sitting room. PRICE 20.00 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew Upcycling

Vintage Buckets

Large and small upcycled buckets of some age, both utility grey with a decoupage floral motif on two sides, can be used as ornaments beside a fire or stove, and could be used as utility for logs and coal. Large Bucket PRICE 20.00 Euros Small Bucket 15.00 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Loughcrew Upcycled

Antique Bedroom Suite

This antique bedroom suite (1930s) comprising a double wardrobe, unique dressing table with large heart shaped triple-mirror and a unique chest of drawers which are concealed behind double doors. The bedroom suite was supplied by Cole Brothers of Sheffield to Selfridges. The suite is painted in antique white and the interior original hardwood has simply been sanded and coated with Danish Oil, beautiful wood and craftsmanship. There are two lights with lamp-shades on either side of the dressing table mirror in working order. This unique bedroom suite would be a beautiful addition to a period house or a large modern home that wishes to create some glamour in a master or guest room. A guesthouse or hotel creating a unique room type could easily place this beautiful furniture on their shopping list. Price Dressing Table 400.00 Euros, Wardrobe 350.00 Euros and Chest of Drawers 250.00 Euros or Full Bedroom Suite for 900.00 Euros. e-mail info@oldcastlemeath.com

Bedroom Suite

This is the exterior of the chest of drawers, the design above the handles is gold leaf and the handles are made from hardwood and are covered with what appears to be ebony.

Antique furniture Meath

This is the inside of the chest of drawers, all hardwood and simply polished with Danish Oil.

Bedroom Furniture

This is the unique dressing table with two small and two large drawers, a glass shelf sits to the front of the mirror all in a hardwood finish.

Antique Mirror

This is the large triple-mirror making up a heart shape on the dressing table, really beautiful and rare.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

This is the exterior of the large double door wardrobe with the same hardwood handle types as the dressing table and chest of drawers.

Unique Bedroom Suite

This is the unique interior of the wardrobe, the hardwood has simply been polished with Danish Oil. There is a small amount of damage to the front of the drawer which could easily be corrected, however, this small amount of damage does not interfere with its functionality.