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This Business Directory for Oldcastle Meath will contain a comprehensive Business Directory for Oldcastle Meath and its surrounding hinterland, it is hoped to create a unique marketing platform for Oldcastle Meath which will ensure that Oldcastle businesses, sporting organisations, cultural events, tourist organisations enjoy a fair share of search results on the Internet.


Oldcastle town centre

Your Business can be added to this Business Directory by paying €49.99 per-year Plus VAT, if you are not registered for VAT you can simply pay €49.99, this is a worthwhile investment and an opportunity to ensure that Oldcastle has a fair share of internet searches for businesses, sporting organisations, cultural events and so forth.

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Recommended Architect

Michael Hetherton Architectural and Engineering Services Limited Unit 3 Cavan St Oldcastle Co. Meath (049) 8542911 Recommended Architect Michael Hetherton has many years’ experience working as a professional Architect in Ireland,An architect is a person who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to provide services in connection with the

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Recommended Plumber Meath

Recommended Plumber Meath Alan Tuite (ALMAC) is a Recommended Plumber Meath Phone: 087-624-8533 is a highly recommended Plumber based in County Meath and County Cavan, Alan brings many years of experience to every job that he undertakes.   Alan Tuite can do the very ordinary jobs that one expects from a professional Plumber such as

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Hire a Digger Meath

Hire a Digger Meath Paul Dowd Phone: 087-2832630 has many years of experience in all aspects of Digger work, Paul works to a very high standard at a very competitive rate. If you need ground works for a new build, an extension, a shed then call Paul Dowd first and see what he can do

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Oldcastle Credit Union

Oldcastle Credit Union Loughcrew Oldcastle Meath Oldcastle Credit Union Tel: 049 854 1372 Fax: 049 854 1937 Address: Millbrook Road, Oldcastle, County Meath. E-mail: Web: The Credit Union “Mission Statement” The Mission of the Credit Union is to promote the financial wellbeing of its members. To achieve this purpose the Credit Union is

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Gibneys Oldcastle

Gibneys Oldcastle Meath Welcome to Gibneys of Oldcastle, County Meath Gibneys now in its third generation has been part of the Oldcastle community since 1924. This family owned and run business employing local staff prides itself on providing an efficient and friendly service to customers in all aspects of their business. HOME HEATING OIL As

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Floods Butchers Oldcastle

Floods Butchers Oldcastle Wholesale and Retail Butchers Cavan Street Oldcastle County Meath Phone: 049 854 1215 Opening Hours: Mon – Sat Floods Butcher’s Oldcastle BBQ Packs BBQ Packs at Floods Butchers Oldcastle With Summer just around the corner and great weekend family fun to be enjoyed, now is the time to start preparing for those

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Electrician Meath

Electrician Meath Jim Hetherton (086-8197350) is a Registered Electrician who has decades of experience working as a professional electrician, all of Jim’s work is certified and this is essential for insurance cover and building regulations.   Jim Hetherton works to a very high standard, be that work on an existing building or a new build,

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MATTHEWS AUCTION ROOMS Meath Salesroom The Square, Oldcastle, County Meath Telephone: (049) 855 0055 Telephone: (01) 872 9555 Mobile: (086) 841 4421 Email: Irish Art Twentieth-century art is attracting the greatest interest and the highest prices. Christie’s has reported phenomenal global demand for paintings by Irish-born artist Francis Bacon whose triptych painting, Three Studies

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Oldcastle Meath

Oldcastle Meath Oldcastle in County Meath, Ireland is set within the foot-hills of Sliabh na Caillaigh, Oldcastle has a long established reputation for its true Cead Mile Failte, the people of Oldcastle are warm, welcoming, friendly and helpful. Whatever your reason for visiting Oldcastle, be it to hear the world famous Fr Ray Kelly sing

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